Javier Abreu

Executive Risk Advisor

“Assisting our clients is our passion”

Javier Abreu stands as a pivotal figure within Guilarte Garrido Insurance, serving with distinction as the Executive Risk Advisor for the Commercial Division. His professional journey is marked by a deep specialization in the payments industry, where he has emerged as an expert in the acquisition of merchant portfolios and a successful real estate investor. At the helm of Level 3 Payments, which he founded and leads as CEO, Javier has dedicated his efforts to supporting ISOs and Agents within the payments sector. Level 3 Payments is renowned for enabling these professionals to unlock the cash value of their residuals, either by acquiring all or a portion of their merchant portfolio, fostering an environment ripe for growth.

In addition to his corporate endeavors, Javier contributes significantly to his community as a Councilman for Miami-Dade County. Within this role, he is integral to the Miami-Dade Community Councils, focusing on zoning and land use decisions to make them more accessible to the community. These councils act as advisory liaisons, bridging the gap between communities and the Board of County Commissioners, advocating for capital, programming, and operational priorities in municipal services like police, parks, fire, and roadway maintenance.

Javier’s leadership extends to Grovebay, where he serves as the Managing Director. Grovebay is a corporate financial consulting firm that specializes in cost reduction, particularly in the electronic payments domain. By leveraging technology and industry insights, Grovebay aims to minimize the costs associated with accepting electronic payments and mitigating the risks involved.

His role as an Independent Sales Representative for CenPOS further underscores his versatility and commitment to the industry. As the President of Grovebay Financial, Javier continues to influence the financial and payments landscape significantly.

Educationally, Javier is a proud graduate of Florida International University, which has provided a strong foundation for his professional achievements. His commitment to community service is evident through his roles as a Board Member and Ambassador for Mercy Hospital, and his active involvement with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade County, where he serves on the Club Blue Young Professionals Board. Javier’s multifaceted career and dedication to both his profession and community make him a distinguished member of the Guilarte Garrido Insurance team and a valued leader in the broader Miami-Dade area.