Olga Guilarte

Senior Executive Risk Advisor
Personal Lines Division

“Supporting our clients is our pride”

Olga Guilarte excels as the Senior Executive Risk Advisor for the Personal Lines Division at Guilarte Garrido Insurance, enriching the firm with her extensive experience in insurance and real estate. As a Registered Real Estate Broker, her multifaceted expertise significantly contributes to her professional role.

Her career is emblematic of a profound dedication to excellence and community service, notably through her leadership as director of the Carmen Rebozo Foundation since 2006, underscoring her philanthropic commitment. Between 1998 and 2006, Olga adeptly managed Charles G. Rebozo’s estate, skillfully overseeing the liquidation of considerable property assets with strategic finesse.

Olga’s tenure from 1990 to 1998 involved managing Mr. Rebozo’s diverse real estate portfolio, enhancing her status in the industry through numerous transactions. Her role as Vice President at Key Biscayne Bank and Trust Company (1980-1990) further developed her financial and banking expertise, while her earlier position as Office Manager for Walter Etling (1970-1980) laid the foundation for her leadership in real estate, guiding a team of over 15 agents.

A pioneer in community service, Olga is recognized as the first female board chair for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade County, demonstrating over 45 years of dedicated youth and community development. On a personal front, Olga, a widow with three children and six grandchildren, passionately supports non-profit organizations, enjoys global travel, particularly to Spain, and values dining out with family. Her active participation in local Catholic organizations reflects her faith and commitment to community welfare.

Olga Guilarte’s illustrious career, philanthropic activities, and personal life merge to depict a figure of unwavering dedication, compassion, and leadership, making her a distinguished member of Guilarte Garrido Insurance and an esteemed personality in the Miami-Dade community. Her life’s work exemplifies a unique blend of professional success and personal passion, embodying her significant impact within and beyond her professional sphere.